"Celeste and Starla" are wacky, crazy kids in love

20% artistic director and founder

Claire Avitabile

, who directs the show, describes it as an unapologetic opportunity for grown-ups to locate their inner goofball. 

"I really feel that this show is like a gift to adults," says Avitabile. "We don't always get the opportunity to go to something purely for the sake of laughing, and having our imaginations opened."

This story of a girl and her starfish seeking to save a boy meanders in a stew of surreal wordplay and whimsical twists. 

"It's absolutely full of surprises," Avitabile adds. "It's very playful and youthful--and definitely not for children."

We won't spoil the ending here, but suffice to say it's a worthy message about accepting and embracing love in all its forms; after all the antics, it's a gentle message, in no way heavy-handed, but one that provides undeniable uplift. 

"It's really a play about love," says Avitabile. "The belief in a soul-mate, and that we will all find someone."

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. 

Celeste and Starla Save Todd and Win Back the Day plays through May 15. For tickets call 612.227.1188 or click here

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