Casting Call: Be Consumed by a 40-Foot Beast Named Vorehemoth


Monsters have a long history of eating people in horror movies. That tradition will be carried on in Vorehemoth, a feature-length movie about a gigantic beast whose hunger is insatiable.

The movie is being filmed now, and they're looking for extras willing to be consumed by the creature. Could a cameo be your moment of cinematic glory?

The casting call/filming will take place Saturday, June 13, at noon in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis. In order to participate, you must be at least 18 years old (bring ID). Over 100 people will be cast that afternoon, so be ready to make your death as horrible (or campy) as possible. There will be no pay, but there will be free food. Also, swimwear is encouraged but not required, so if you feel comfortable kicking it in a two-piece, then go for it. Also, while casting is looking mostly for women, dudes are welcome to show up as well.

Vorehemoth is directed by Rock & Roll Ray Whalen, a Troma director responsible for Go To Hell, Mondo Collecto, and more. The movie's title refers to a very specific sexual fetish in which a person gets turned on by watching a creature consume another. During production of the horror flick, Vore King, a documentary about the movie, the fetish, and the monsters, will also be filmed.

For more info, and to RSVP, visit or email [email protected]