Care Enough by Savage Umbrella at Nimbus Theater

Carl Atiya Swanson/Savage Umbrella

Walking into Nimbus Theater before the performance of Care Enough, patrons are greeted with the sight of actor Adam Scarpello, who plays Stephen, tied and blindfolded at the front of the stage. It establishes an unsettling mood, one that doesn't dissipate during Carl Atiya Swanson's new work. The play has a lot on its plate — from the issues that fuel protest movements to the nature of white privilege to the impact of violence on our lives — and thankfully leaves plenty of unanswered questions behind it. Swanson, director Laura Leffler-McCabe, and the rest of the company craft a puzzle with a number of pieces missing. We know that Stephen met Sophia (Anna Carol) at a protest, and that he is now being held by Sebastian (Santino Craven). Or is Sebastian just a figment of Stephen's ill-defined guilt? Moments of Stephen and Sophia's relationship are played out against the turmoil and violence of the city, brought out by a chorus of actors and Ted Moore's disturbing original score. Like Savage Umbrella's last full-scale production, The Ravagers, this is a piece that pierces in unusual ways. A lot of that comes down to the staging, which augments the nonlinear story with some breathtaking movement that blurs the lines among violence, love, and beauty.

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