Call for submissions: City Pages Comix Issue 2016


Calling all comic artists: We're looking for talented artists to submit work for our annual City Pages Comix Issue.

This year's theme: Late night Twin Cities.

Feel free to interpret that however you wish. Riff on the late-night dining scene, the rowdiness of last call, working the night shift, hitting up secret concert venues, midnight skinny-dipping, or sitting in front of a bonfire with a beer and some friends. The sunrise is your limit.

The best entries will be selected to appear in print.

Last year, we featured 10 comics online, with select artwork making it into our print edition of the Comix Issue.

Check out all of the art from the 2015 Comix Issue for inspiration.

Cartoonists must submit work that flows as true sequential art that tells a full story while adhering to our designated image dimensions, but there are no restrictions on the number of panels or how you use them.


Color or grayscale images (color is preferred): 300 dpi.

If coloring with tones of gray, separate grays by 15%, i.e., 15 · 30 · 45 · 60 · 85% grays.

Comics must conform to one of the sizes listed in the Comix Issue guidelines.

Submit your entry with the following contact information:

  • Your full true name
  • The name you prefer to be credited in print
  • Your website, if applicable

Please remember to view our Comix Issue submission guidelines, which includes our exact image size guide, pay rates (both print and online submissions will receive compensation), and other important

Download this info as a PDF:

Click here.


Monday, August 8. (Though sooner is always better.)

Submit to:

Emily Utne, City Pages art director, at artdirector [at] citypages [dot] com