Calhoun Square is no longer named after a white supremacist

New name and signage is coming soon!

New name and signage is coming soon! Jay Boller

The indoor mall formerly known as Calhoun Square will soon be rechristened. 

In a press release today, Northpond Partners, which purchased the building in October 2019, stated that they'd been considering a name change previously. “As a reflection of our support and solidarity with the City of Minneapolis and the Black Lives Matter movement, we have decided to expedite the process.” 

The change is “effective immediately.” The iconic (and problematic) signage is no more.

The mall, which opened in the 1980s, was named after the nearby lake, which was named after an influential piece of garbage who didn't even have any real connection to Minnesota. 

"A property named for a known racist and champion of slavery has no place in Minneapolis or anywhere in our society," the release from Northpond further states.

Jay Boller

Jay Boller

A primer on John C. Calhoun, and why he sucked: Hailing from South Carolina, Calhoun served as a senator, United States Secretary of War, and V.P. under John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. During his influential career he supported slavery, state’s rights, and the "Southern" (white, uppercrust) way of life.

So how did the lake get its name? When Calhoun sent a team out to Minnesota to survey areas for Fort Snelling, one of the surveyors slapped their boss’s name on the lake as well.

Slightly off-topic, but: Did painters and photographers from the era really struggle to cover up the anger and crazy eye of this guy?

John C. Calhoun, looking pissed off across three different mediums

John C. Calhoun, looking pissed off across three different mediums Public Domain

The soon-to-be-reimagined mall will get a new name and a new fancy sign. That’s exciting news, right? There can’t be too many fans of the old mall; for years it has struggled to retain retailers, restaurants, and clubs. Meanwhile, the bevy of George Floyd murals throughout Uptown has upped foot traffic significantly.

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