Calhoun Beach Club is no longer named after a long-dead white supremacist from South Carolina

Calhoun Beach Club and Apartments

Calhoun Beach Club and Apartments

If you’re renting an apartment or swimming in a swimming pool named after a racist, does that make you complicit?

You won’t have to ponder that the next time you’re chilling out at this Uptown-adjacent health club, retail center, and apartment complex.

In an email that was sent out to residents and club members, which Wedge Live! has shared via Twitter, Calhoun Beach Club announced that it’s dropping “Calhoun” from its name.

“Recent events have inspired deeper dialogue and discussion that we are engaging in,” writes Carole Olite, VP/operations at Aimco, which owns the building. “Today, in alliance with our broader community, we’re announcing our decision to remove Calhoun from our name.”


The change comes hot on the announcement that Calhoun Square is also in the process of renaming itself. Both buildings had been named after Lake Calhoun, which is located right across the street from the Beach Club. These days, that body of water is going by Bde Maka Ska.

And, once again, a little bit on who John C. Calhoun was, and why we have so much stuff named after him:

Calhoun was a VP under John Quincy Adams and Andrew “Trail of Tears” Jackson, was a senator for South Carolina, and served as a United States Secretary of War. He was super supportive of slavery, state’s rights, and the wealthy, white way of life down South.

When Calhoun sent a team out to Minnesota to survey areas for Fort Snelling, one of the surveyors slapped their boss’s name on the lake as well.

Again, why are we naming things after this dude?

Again, why are we naming things after this dude? John C. Calhoun's anger lives on in the public domain

So, his ties to Minnesota are… tenuous at best.

Much like the Uptown mall, the Beach Club is still working out an official moniker.