Buy tickets to Hounds & Hops — our annual dog-friendly beer party!

Chris Juhn

Chris Juhn

In a perfect world, dogs would be allowed everywhere: restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, and even CIA black sites. But, as we've all learned from recent headlines and vibes, planet earth is imperfect

But that doesn't mean our funky lil globe doesn't boast some flawless events. Chief among them is Hounds & Hops, City Pages' third annual pup-friendly Minneapolis beer party! 

On Saturday, September 21, we'll outfit our North Loop parking lot to maximize fun for man and beast alike. We're talkin' beers -- or "brewdawgs" -- and cocktails from Bent Brewstillery, food trucks (Rusty Taco, 9 Yum Yum, T-Rex Cookie, Duluth Coffee Co.), a doggie kissing booth, a pooch fashion show, bark-tastic trick presentations, an agility course, and treats galore from dog-friendly vendors. 

You might be asking yourself or your dog: Will local Instagram-famous dogs be in attendance? That's a major arrrrrrffirmative

Hounds & Hops runs from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Tickets ($5-$10) to get in the gate are on sale now. A portion of proceeds will benefit Secondhand Hounds.

In conclusion, get a load of this very good/relatable boy: