Buy this Minnesota guy's mint replica of the 'Starsky & Hutch' car

Vroom, vroom.

Vroom, vroom. Craigslist

Sliding across the hood of your Hyundai Elantra as funk music blasts is badass, believe me.

But those in search of more authentic Starsky & Hutch moments have a $20,450 option. Earlier this month, a cherry-red 1976 Ford Torino roared onto Craigslist, and this baby's tricked out to look identical to the famed '70s TV cop car.

"This absolutely mint Torino is so much fun to drive and looks perfect," the seller from Inver Grove Heights boasts, adding that they're open to trades but "cash is king."

The muscly Ford has 52,000 miles on its 8-cylinder, 5.8-liter engine and features new BFGoodrich tires, police radio, and a working 8-track player that "rocks." A new dual exhaust system "makes her sound mean." 

Bonus items include a back issue of Hot Rod Magazine highlighting the car (not this specific car), plus autographs from S&H stars Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul, the latter of whom's Hutch character is canonically from Duluth!

"This car needs nothing but a new owner who loves to have a great time and be noticed," the Craiglist listing concludes. "Nothing but thumbs up and people asking to take pictures is what happens when you drive her." 

We reached out to the owner for additional details about the car, but never heard back. So just enjoy the photos below while making revving noises at your laptop screen. 

In 2014 -- 10 years after the Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson Starsky & Hutch film adaptation -- a Torino believed to have been used on the '70s TV show sold for $40,000