Bryant-Lake Bowl celebrates women in beer with film screening

Pass that growler, boys. Beer isn't just for the bros anymore.

That's the message (though probably less dude-bro in tone) that the Better Beer Society, a Twin Cities-based agency dedicated to the growth and promotion of craft beer, is supporting with its Wednesday night showing of The Love of Beer at Bryant-Lake Bowl.

"The main reason we wanted to bring this screening to the Twin Cities is to celebrate Minnesota women in the craft beer industry," says Rob Shellman, founder and president of the BBS. 

In addition to the film, the event will also include a social hour and panel discussion featuring some of the most prominent female brewers, distributors, and connoisseurs of malty, hoppy happiness from across the state. Needless to say, this ain't just another "ladies night." 

(The puns just get worse from here. You've been warned.)

The film itself features a handful of the female forerunners of the beer industry in the Pacific Northwest telling their stories and explaining their motivations for dedicating themselves to this tasty -- though very male-dominated -- craft.

​According to Shellman,


tackles a widespread issue in the brewing world: the misrepresentation and lack of appreciation for women in beer. 

"As of now, only 25 percent of all American women [of legal drinking age] are enjoying beer," says Shellman. "In order to support growth in the Minnesota brewing scene, and ensure that our craft breweries are here to stay, it's absolutely imperative that women are involved and more engaged. Not just here, but across the country."

Bryant-Lake Bowl celebrates women in beer with film screening
From The Love Of Beer

"Fortunately, we are starting to see that happen here locally. We're seeing an increase of women homebrew clubs, a local Minnesota chapter for Barley's Angel's, and female attendance is up across the board at beer dinners and festivals," he says.

Some of those women -- including Cary Mathews and Deb Locke of Summit Brewing Company, Catherine Pflueger and Laura Preston of the Happy Gnome and Bryant-Lake Bowl -- will come together for the pre- and post-panel discussions along with the film's star Tonya Cornett, head brewer at the Bend Brewing Company in Bend, Oregon. They will discuss the changes taking place both locally and nationally. 

And while this may sound like a serious girl-power summit over Summits (get it? Told you it was going to get worse), Shellman assures potential male attendees that the event is open to beer enthusiasts of all genders.

"Instead of focusing on the gender divide that this industry has across the country, we wanted to create an event that celebrates the change that is already occurring here in Minnesota," he says.

Tickets are available now online here, but there are only 85 seats available, and the event is close to sellout numbers already. That means if you want to be a part of this beer bash, you better not wait until last call. 

(Too much? Got it. Thanks.)

Check out the extended film trailer below:

The Love of Beer from Lingering Illocutions on Vimeo.


The Love of Beer movie screening
Bryant Lake Bowl Theater
Wednesday, January 11
5 p.m. social hour, 6 p.m. panel discussion, 7 p.m. film screening, 8:30 p.m. post-screening panel
$10 admission

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