Bridget Everett: "Minneapolis Is a Safe Place to Go Hog Wild."

"I know that I can't motorboat people forever."

This statement is the embodiment of "Bridget Everett problems."

The 42-year-old alt-cabaret performer has been making waves over the past several years, but has hit her stride in the past 12 months thanks to her appearances on shows like Inside Amy Schumer, along with film roles, like one in the upcoming Trainwreck scheduled to be released this summer. 

Although she's making waves in the mainstream, Everett is still best known for her incredible voice, hilarious and fearless performances, and, well, tits. 

The well-endowed Everett makes her assets one of the focal points of her show, which is a combination of music, comedy, and unpredictability. 

"Every show I do is like a first date," she says. "No one really knows what they're getting into, but everyone is trying to get laid. It's always interesting to see what the audience is going to do and what they're willing to go with."

While every performance has its own unique set of circumstances, Everett says that this week's Minneapolis show has the potential to be exceptional.

"My nephew lives in Minneapolis, so it's going to be interesting," she says. "It's kind of like, 'Oh, here are my tits, and there's my nephew.' So it might be a little weird. But I think he's used to it, so he won't freak out too much if I'm sitting on his friends' faces." 

Despite the initial shock value that she brings to unsuspecting audiences, Everett has endeared herself to audiences, so much so that she recently taped a special for Comedy Central that will air this July. 

"It's called Gynecological Wonder, and it was really cool. You don't see a lot of middle-aged women flopping their tits around on Comedy Central, so I was really excited that they just let me do my thing," she says. "We tried to find people who had never seen my show before so that we could capture that reaction. The thing about it though is that a lot of people have seen what I do."

That brings us back to the previously mentioned "Bridget Everett problems." While her star continues to rise, Everett is already looking ahead to what might be next in her career. 

"I'm a classically trained singer, and I'm meeting with directors and writers to talk about new potential projects," she says. "People see my show and they think I'm just this fearless person, but I'm actually terrified that I'm going to be terrible at whatever I'm going to do next."

We'll have to wait and see what comes next for Everett as she faces her own fears and anxieties, but for this week's show in Minneapolis she doesn't see any reason to hold back. 

"There are towns where you can be yourself," she says. "Minneapolis is definitely one of those towns. It's a safe place to go hog wild, which is what I intend to do this week."

For a woman who has made a career out of pushing limits, that statement comes off more like a threat (in the sexiest sense of the word).


Bridget Everett

Loring Pasta Bar

April 16, 9 p.m.
18+, $15-$20

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