Brett Favre's Christmas Spectacular II: The Second Coming

In Brett Favre's Christmas Spectacular II: The Second Coming, the Brave New Workshop offers an antidote to watching Favre and crew stink it up week after week (oh look, another Packers touchdown...) or checking out a warm, fuzzy holiday show. Instead of mistletoe and helpful ghosts and important lessons learned, you can take in Santa being hounded by a vegan kid concerned about his sugar intake; an attempt to make a land-speed record trip to Grandma's house; or No. 4 himself giving Santa advice on sticking around way too long and getting extra pay out of it as well. A few old favorites make their return here, including the ever-popular angry mother and angry father choruses, each giving their distinct take on the "12 Days of Christmas." The older bits are well-honed machines by now, while the new work showcases plenty of energy. The cast, made up of longtime BNW vets and under the direction of Caleb McEwen, doesn't let the energy flag for a moment and rides through the occasional icy patch without slipping, which is more than I can say about the Vikings quarterback. $26-$30. Call for show times. 2605 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612.332.6620. Through January 29