Breaking news: 'Friends' almost moved to Minnesota

'Friends,' NBC

'Friends,' NBC

Try to wrap your brain around this: Five seasons into the show, the writers of Friends wanted to shake things up. So they considered moving the characters to Minnesota.

That juicy detail was revealed in a new book by Saul Austerlitz, Generation Friends: An Inside Look at the Show That Defined a Television Era. The beloved comedy, featuring six straight/white twentysomethings living in NYC, almost relocated in a proposed stunt that would have Chandler transferred to our state for work. In a true move of co-dependence, the rest of the gang would soon join him.

“Since there was no urgent reason for the characters to stay in New York, each of his friends would ultimately choose to join him there, and Friends would keep them in Minnesota for half a season,” writes Austerlitz.

Imagine all the hijinks the characters could have gotten up to! Monica would have surely enjoyed our food scene, Ross could find work at the Science Museum, and Joey could have landed a gig at the Guthrie. They could all convene to talk about sex and life at a Dunn Brothers.

Actually, scratch that. They probably would have just redesigned their old set on their L.A. studio lot. And it kind of sounds like they didn’t know much about Minnesota beyond the stereotypes:

“They would discover a magical Midwestern respite from New York,” Austerlitz writes, “with cheap apartments, friendly neighbors, and subzero temperatures.”

Eventually, the idea was nixed for being too outside the box. Instead, the gang made a trip to Las Vegas that season.