Brave New Workshop weekend home to the "Smell of Laughter"

"It's an irreverent sketch comedy show," says Kyle Lenhoff, one of the show's producers and performers. "We've got something on the smart-phone craze, there's a Mr. Rogers parody, a sketch about post-apacolyptic babies (with puppets we made), and a bromance between two best friends that turns into a domestic dispute."

The show runs about an hour long with no intermission, and tickets are an eminently reasonable $10. Both shows are at 7:30 p.m.

"It's just zany and a little off-color," adds Lenhoff. "And not for the easily offended. Put it this way--I wouldn't want to bring my grandma to it."

We wouldn't think of it. 

Tickets for The Smell of Laughter II are available at 612.332.6620 or by clicking here

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