Bras to bags: RetroRama covers the bases of vintage shopping


Last week's underwear-themed RetroRama at the Minnesota History Center was a treat for local vintage aficionados. In addition to giving attendees an excuse to break out their craziest retro outfits and participate in a fashion show, there was a chance to peruse vintage clothing and accessories by shops like Blacklist Vintage and the Spectacle Shoppe. Here are some of my favorite finds.

[jump] Picking out a pair of glasses is no easy feat, but the Spectacle Shoppe's wide variety of vintage frames provided inspiration for those searching for a new pair. While the store's pricing can be a bit steep for those on a tight budget, there are few other pieces worth the investment as much as glasses. They do, after all, go on your face.

While cat-eye glasses can be a bit too much for a day-to-day look, I love the idea of them. It takes a special person to pull off their dramatic flair, but if you are that person, you should rock it.

I also love these round '70s frames. Much more my style, but again, they are a commitment.

Next up, the Blacklist Vintage booth for clothing and accessories.


Per the suggestion of Lisa Luck, my friend/beautiful assistant/model/drink handler for the evening, we started thematically, checking out the selection of vintage undergarments and sleepwear.

The first piece that jumped out was this red and black 1940's robe. While the short sleeves on this number are not practical for Minnesota sleepwear, the color blocking and bow are such that it could be worn as a dress on an evening out.


I tend to gloss over the more intimate undergarment sections at vintage boutiques (When used clothing shopping, it helps to have rules. One of my biggest is "no crotches."), but it was hard not to notice this red lace bullet bra. The material screamed sexy but the shape and resulting fit confused me to the point where my head hurt.


The next time you need a fancy dress, instead of blowing 100 bucks on some sparkly thing from the mall, check out some vintage shops and thrift stores. Even with alterations, you will end up spending less and will have a unique outfit. This 1950's dress with embroidered overlay is amazing. Its only downfall was that it had a 23-inch waist (Seriously. Who were these people and how were they so tiny?).


Vintage luggage is great for weekend trips and carry-ons. This piece would make you feel like you are a small town girl en route to a new life in New York City, even if you are actually traveling to a family reunion in Murdo, SD.


If vintage glasses and clothing are a bit out of your price range, costume jewelry is a great way to add some flair to your wardrobe. Long chunky pendant necklaces add drama to any outfit and as far as earrings go, the bigger the better.