Box Wine presents 'Raucous Caucus' at Bryant-Lake Bowl tonight

​Blue or red, elephant or donkey--no matter where you find yourself on the political spectrum (or perhaps you don't), it is quite likely you will find Raucous Caucus: Box Wine Theatre's 10-Minute Political Play Festival entertaining, or at least thought provoking. 

Opening Thursday night at Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater, the event is sure to be a politically driven and rowdy good time.

The show will consist of seven 10-minute plays by local playwrights and directors. Each short will cover a wide range of political talking points using comedy and drama to touch on the issues left wingers, rights wingers, and middle er, wingers currently are discussing. From illegal aliens to evolution, nothing will be off-limits. 

Playwrights include Sam Graber, K. Biadaszkiewicz, Stacey Lane,  Anil Hurkadli, D. Richard Tucker, and Adam Sharp, one of Box Wine Theatre's founders. Directors participating will be Ryan Henderson, Ben Layne, Scott Pakudaitis, and Box Wine Theatre's other founder, Bethany Simmons. 

Box Wine Theatre is a Twin Cities company sponsored by the non-profit organization Springboard for the Arts. Box Wine ventures to bring art and theatrical productions to life in order to inspire and entertain on a low budget. Most of the pieces they take on highlight the flaws in human nature with unique perspectives that show the comedy and tragedy in all of us. 

Their latest production, Raucous Caucus, is loaded with the comedy and tragedy that is our current political system, and will begin at 7 p.m. this Thursday. The show will run through Thursdays through January 27 (plus Wednesday, January 13), and tickets are $12 ($10 with your Fringe button).