"Books & Bars" combines two of our very favorite things

"Books and Bars" . . . because literature and libation are not strangers
"Books and Bars" . . . because literature and libation are not strangers
Tonight is the latest installment of Books & Bars at the Bryant Lake Bowl Theater. Named Best Reading Series in 2009 by City Pages, B&B is an open, public book club led by comedian Jeff Kamin. It's as much an intellectual social hour as traditional book club, and the BLB setting ensures that a drink or two might possibly spur the conversation along.

This month's book is Lev Grossman's

The Magicians

, about a genius high-school kid obsessed with a series of fantasy novels; he eventually finds a school of maybe-real magic, which includes such evergreen pastimes as sex, boozing, ennui--and a big revelation upon graduation.

B&B insists that you don't have to have read the book to have a good time. And if you have read it, you don't have to have liked it. The idea seems to be to create an ongoing and freewheeling discussion between people who like to read and like to talk about literature and ideas. Which sounds positively groovy. Especially after a couple of cocktails.

Books & Bars starts at 7:00 p.m. at the BLB. Admission is free.

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