BOMP NYE at Nick & Eddie


Since Bedlam closed last summer BOMP, the alternative 18+ dance party, has been on the hunt for a new location. It's looking like Nick & Eddie is working out to be their new home. DJ Shannon Blowtorch, one of BOMP's main organizers, says that it has been difficult to find a venue in the Twin Cities that is willing to host an 18+ crowd. "We don't want to exclude the kiddies," she says, "because we want to create a space where they can go." 

Another difficulty was that Blowtorch was robbed a couple of months ago, having her laptop stolen and a bunch of gear. She had to buy a new laptop the next day for a gig. Her fellow DJs, including Jonathan Ackerman from Moon Goon, King Otto, and Mike the 2600 King, stepped up to the plate in helping her out. "I gotta say there's a lot of camaraderie amidst the community," she says. "I appreciate it so much. They hooked me up."  

In searching for a new space, the BOMP organizers tried out St. Paul's Infinity for a private event, but Blowtorch says that the folks at Nick & Eddie have been willing to step up with the extra staffing that comes along with having an 18+ crowd.   

For New Year's, BOMP has been hard at work doing some remodeling, basically turning a restaurant into a nightclub, utilizing the little-known-about back bar at Nick and Eddie and an annex space off site. Part of the venue will be dedicated to 21+ and part of it will be for 18+, Blowtorch says. The reason for the separate spaces is to hopefully bring back the older demographic that hasn't been showing up as much since BOMP has gotten so popular with the younger crowd. "It's nice to have the kids," Blowtorch says, "but some of the older folks don't like to mingle with folks who are under 21."

Much like when they were at the Bedlam, different DJs will be spinning in the various spaces. Moon Goons and Wezz Wnshp will be DJing, along with Kid Vicious, Mike the 2600 King, and Brian (from Hipshakers), all spinning real vinyl. There will also be a special guest. Blowtorch will be playing soul and funk, and plans to bring in some 45s for the back room. The space will be dimly lit with lots of lighting effects, including projections through the windows in the annex space and custom made gobo lights. There will also be projections on one of the outside walls.  

BOMP NYE at Nick & Eddie (1612 Harmon Pl.) starts at 10 p.m. Tickets are $5 with an RSVP, $10 without. RSVP at