Body-positive plus-sized thrift store Cake opens this week

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Shopping resale is one of the best ways to tap into trends and update your closet without spending a ton of money. While the Twin Cities is home to a few thriving consignment and resale shops, there was something missing in the resale scene: a plus-size resale shop.

Enter Cake, which officially opens its doors on Friday, October 6. The store originated as an online-only outlet for plus-size customers who want to have fun with fashion. Now it's making the leap into brick-and-mortar.

We caught up with Cake’s owner Cat Polivoda, who told us a little bit about herself, her shop, and what you’ll find if you shop the store this weekend.

Citypages: First, let’s get acquainted. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Cat Polivoda: I’m a fun, fat, intersectional feminist who is full of energy, excitement, and is basically overflowing with unsolicited advice for anyone who will listen.

CP: Where did the idea for Cake come from?

Cat: Three and a half years ago, I had some extra clothing that I wanted to get rid of. I was going to post on eBay, so I took pictures wearing everything... I made a Facebook album, and shared widely. I thought if I was going to the trouble of shipping to people I didn’t know, I could try selling to my friends and acquaintances first. I made $300 in a weekend.

Soon I ran out of my own clothes, so I started shopping and thrifting. And, so it began! First as a Facebook page, then a website, then a better website, then a blog and pop-ups and style consulting and a curated rack at b. Resale, and now here we are.

CP: Why did you decide to go the resale route?

Cat: I always have loved a good deal. The nature of my shop allows clothing prices to be really accessible for many people. Thrifting allows single items to shine, and putting outfits together with unique items comes really naturally to me. It’s fun to show my customers how they might style each item. It’s also environmentally friendly.

CP: There's been a serious void for a spot like Cake in the Twin Cities retail world.

Cat: There's such a sense of scarcity for plus-size shoppers, especially in resale shops. There’s often so little for us, and what’s available usually isn’t that stylish. I want customers who walk through my doors to feel like there are options, like there is variety and surplus and more than they could ever take home.

I want them to leave feeling a little more comfortable with their bodies and know that there can be some spaces that are created especially for us!

CP: Is there any fall trend you're obsessing over?

Cat: I love big scarves, capes, and ponchos. We have lots of unique and funky ones in the shop right now that are perfect for fall. I'm so happy that we finally have fall weather.


Cake Grand Opening Weekend
Friday through Sunday
5155 Bloomington Ave., Minneapolis