Blowdry Bar 'bringing good hair days' to Uptown

Ladies with long hair especially know the pain of blowdrying.  It takes forever, it never looks quite as sleek as it did walking out of the salon, and in general it just kind of sucks. How many times have you thought, "If I could only have someone do this for me all the time?"

Well, in a few weeks, you can. 

The creators of HAUS Salon are opening Blowdry Bar in Uptown this summer, and they're dedicated to bringing you your best hair days, over and over again. Sound too good to be true? We thought so, too.

Owners Charlie Brackney & Jessica Reipke
Owners Charlie Brackney & Jessica Reipke

A hit on the coasts with time-saving stylistas, the first blowdry bar is coming to Uptown at 1203 Lagoon Avenue. Owners Charley Brackney and Jessica Reipke offer a spot for blowouts, updos, facial and body waxing and makeup -- basically, low-maintenence services perfect for preparing for a big date, fashion show, concert or other special event. Or, just because your arms feel like noodles managing that mane and you need a relaxing break.

Brackney, you may or may not remember, did the hair styling on our awesome Summer Issue photoshoot a few years back. We can tell you from experience he's a magician with hair.

"Our team is thoroughly educated in using the most modern blowout techniques," Brackney says. "Regardless of her hair length or texture, we can customize our client's style to be what she desires. If you hair is long enough to blowdry, you can get a blowout at Blowdry."

City Pages tested some of the products offered at Blowdry, which come from the Number 4 line and are sulfate-free (a must-have when it comes to maintaining good hair -- we especially loved this one).  Additionally, the salon houses sought-after brow artist Catherine Lleras. Yes, guys, if by some miracle you're reading this, there is such a thing.

To keep up on the salon's opening date, hit their website or check them out on Facebook.  It can't come soon enough!

Blowdry Bar 'bringing good hair days' to Uptown

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