Blacklist Vintage reinterprets the NYC runway at Vintage Did It First

Revelers wait for the runway show to begin at last year's celebration
Revelers wait for the runway show to begin at last year's celebration
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Vanessa Messersmith, owner of Blacklist Vintage, will host Vintage Did it First this Saturday as part of Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week. She hopes that the event, now in its second year, will demonstrate to people how vintage continues to influence modern trends. To do this, Messersmith compiles photos from New York Fashion Week's fall runway collections and finds vintage garments from her store that are similar to the designer's looks. During the runway show, an image from NYFW will be projected on a screen as a model walks down the runway in a vintage ensemble styled by Messersmith.

"A lot of people just don't see the influence that vintage has, and don't see that vintage is modern," Messersmith says. "Vintage Did it First will show a model wearing a 1950's shift dress that looks very similar to a dress from Victoria Beckham's new collection. I think people really find this event to be a fun learning experience."

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Some of the designers that Messersmith is drawing inspiration from include Valentino, Lanvin, Michaels Kors, Prada, Oscar de la Renta, and Ralph Lauren.

Messersmith says that vintage attire is often misunderstood, and she hopes this event will help people see that vintage can easily be incorporated into a person's wardrobe.

"I think people view vintage as a costume or something that you would wear to a cocktail party and they don't see vintage as everyday clothes," Messersmith says. "I want them to see that you can take a 1950's dress and put on some boots and go to a show. I want people to see that vintage is something that everyone can wear."

For people who aren't ready to rock full-blown vintage outfits, Messersmith says that accessories are a great way to add a unique touch to a look.

A hot look from last year's show
A hot look from last year's show

"Even if you don't want to wear vintage clothing, a vintage purse can totally make an outfit. I think that coming to Vintage Did it First is a really good way for a person who might be intimidated or who doesn't know a lot about vintage to get a 'Vintage 101' class and become more interested in it," Messersmith says.

All of the models used in the show are customers at Blacklist Vintage, and most of them are not professional models. Messersmith says this was important to her because she wanted a variety of body types on the runway.

"I think sometimes people think vintage is only for skinny or little girls, but it's not that way," Messersmith says. "I hope other people can appreciate that, and when they see the models walk down the runway they can be like, 'Oh, I could totally wear that outfit because I have the same body type.'"

Another hot look from last year's party
Another hot look from last year's party

Space is limited at Blacklist Vintage, so Messersmith encourages people to come early to ensure entry. In addition to the runway show, guest will enjoy music, drinks by Icehouse, and 20% off merchandise.

"It will be a very unique experience," Messersmith says. "I love runway shows, but Vintage Did it First definitely has a different twist to a runway show."


Vintage Did it First
Blacklist Vintage
25 E. 26th St., Minneapolis
Saturday, September 22
Doors open at 7 p.m.; runway show at 8 p.m.

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Blacklist Vintage

25 E. 26th St.
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