Bill Young Memorial Show This Monday at Club Underground

Bill Young (middle)

Bill Young (middle)

For the second time in the past two weeks, the Twin Cities comedy community has lost an incredible performer and friend.

This past weekend, comedian Bill Young passed away in his sleep at the age of 32. A mainstay on the local standup scene since 2000, Young has performed at nearly every club in town, and opened for some of the most impressive names in comedy. He was also one of the featured performers at this year's 10,000 Laughs Festival, and spoke with us this past October.

One of the shows that Young was synonymous with was the Monday Night Comedy Show, taking place each week at Club Underground inside of Spring Street Tavern. 

This coming Monday, his fellow comedians and friends will honor his memory with a special show, sharing their favorite stories and memories of a man whose main goal in life was to make people laugh (plus there is going to be a cake walk. For real).

In addition, his friends set up an account to help pay for funeral and living expenses for his roommate. The link can be found here, although the account hit its goal of $5,000 in just one day. 

While there has been a tremendous outpouring of love and support from the local comedy scene, Young's memory is possibly best captured in an essay that one of his closest friends, fellow comedian Mike Brody, wrote for comedy website Laughspin (click here to read the full essay):

Bill Young was the nicest and funniest person that ever lived. This is not an exaggeration. Bill was a great comedian, but his real genius was in his everyday life. Everybody knows the comedian that can't turn it off. It's annoying. But Bill never turned it off and everybody loved it. To borrow a Jimmy Pardo phrase, he was "never not funny." He breathed joy into every moment and he lived to make surly, depressed comedians feel like kids again. His ability to make a spine-tinglingly funny comment at any moment defined him. Because that's all Bill ever wanted: To make people happy.

All proceeds from the memorial show this Monday will go to Young's family, and the event is open to the public. Whether or not you knew him, this will be a can't-miss event, featuring stories and performances by some of the Twin Cities' best performers. More importantly, it will be a great night to remember a great guy.


Bill Young Memorial Show

Club Underground at Spring Street Tavern
Monday, December 22
7:30 p.m., $4