Bil Dwyer on Adrian Peterson, TMZ Sightings, Scaring Small Children

What has Bil Dwyer been up to since we last saw him in the Twin Cities? "I think Bil Dwyer is kind of moving into the acting portion of his career -- and not just the overacting part, either," he reports. "When I'm in Minneapolis, my episode of The Middle will be airing while I'm onstage at the Acme. I have a nice guest starring role. I do a heartfelt monologue. It's real sweet, and I'm real happy with it."

Dwyer has previously been on shows such as Parks & Recreation, Hot in Cleveland, and House of Lies. He has also been known to create his own guest starring opportunities.

[jump] "One time, I was on the CBS lot when the Big Brother cast was either going into or coming out of the studio," he recalls. "So I wandered over, and I was in the crowd as they filmed them. When I got home I said, 'We have to watch Big Brother.' And there I was. Why do I care?" he adds laughing. "I've been on TV before."

He did not have it added to his IMBD page, though. "Oh, the things on you put on your resume as a young actor," he says. "I remember I had an agent say, 'Look, let's take this high school stuff off.' Okay. 'And let's get rid of the college stuff.' But featured extra? You put that on there."

Dwyer also recalls another odd TV appearance. "TMZ has taken to setting up outside the Improv in Los Angeles," he says. "So a lot of us comics have been on it occasionally. When I was on it, I remarked how similar [golfer] Rory McIlroy and Lindsay Lohan looked. It got me on TMZ, and they showed a side-by-side of them. It's the stupid things you really enjoy in this game."

Speaking of games, Dwyer is usually associated with sports related projects that have a comedic bent to them. He's widely recognized as a former correspondent for the cult TV show Battlebots, his series of Toyota commercials about the Tiny Football League, and his stint as host of the Fox Sports game show The Ultimate Fan League. He also hosted a popular YouTube series about golf, called The Range with Bil Dwyer.

When asked about the recent sports controversies, he notes that for some reason people don't seek his opinion all that much on sports. "Maybe it's a vibe I'm sending."

He does have opinions, though.

"Adrian Peterson is nuts," he says. "When you're a big football player, you've got to take it easy. It's probably enough to tower over the kid and lower your voice." As a parent, Dwyer insists that kids like to be scared, although in a fun way.

"If you can, hide in a closet and jump out at your kid," he advises. "They become so scared they'll fall on their ass and start crying, but a minute later they'll ask you to do it again. Imagine how alive you'll all feel knowing that every door you open, someone might pop out."

And don't just limit it to your own kids. "One Halloween, I dressed as a scarecrow and plopped myself into a lawn chair by our front porch," he says. "So when the kids would come over, I would move and scare them. Then they'd go out on the sidewalk and wait for me to do it to someone else. Then a crowd started to gather."

And then TMZ showed up?

"Yeah, they did a side-by-side of me and Ray Bolger," he quips without missing a beat, before adding, "You could probably smell the wood burning as I was trying to remember who played the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. 'Burt Lar? No, he was the Cowardly Lion!'"

Among other projects, Dwyer is working on is a live game show he performs around Los Angeles called STARDUMB! He hopes to bring it to comedy clubs around the country.

"We have celebrities and standup comics play games like 'Your Worst Audition,' only they play the part of the casting director. We also have 'Your Farewell Tweet' to show business. That's a good category." That's hopefully one that Dwyer won't be making for a long time.


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