Bikes banned from Arboretum's Three-Mile Drive... for now

No bikes allowed, for now
No bikes allowed, for now
[UPDATE: As of 2015, cyclists are on once again permitted to use Arboretum roadways.] On any given summer weekend, Minnesotans take to nearby trails to enjoy nature via bike, foot, or skates. Some days can be quiet, others may be a little too crowded for comfort for some. According to the folks at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, this was the case for its popular Three-Mile Drive.

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The announcement was recently made via the Arb's official



In an effort to reduce the amount of traffic on Three-Mile Drive and for visitor safety, bicycles are no longer allowed. Thank you for your understanding (see biking trail information below). Pedestrians are welcome year-round. Personal motorized vehicles allowed on Three-Mile Drive until sunset on designated dates from April - November as noted above.

According to Arboretum director Edward L. Schneider, who recently spoke with Twin Cities Daily Planet, pedestrian safety was a major concern in making the change:

"I was getting a majority of complaints from pedestrians about bicycles whizzing by. We've got power walkers, mothers with strollers, older people with walkers, utility carts, cars, circulators—all using the very same Three-Mile Drive."

However, the dream isn't dead for cyclists who love the trail. Though no changes to the policy will be made in the near future, lifting the ban is certainly still on the table. Meanwhile, the Minnewashta Parkway Trail, which cuts through the Arboretum's grounds, welcomes bikes and is still free for those passing by on the trail.

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