Bikabout, a new tourism site, is paying for info about Minneapolis's biking scene

Attention, bike lovers. A new tourism site with its eyes on Minneapolis is looking for information about our city, and is willing to pay for it.

A select three or four people can earn $100 for sharing tips with Bikabout on the best spots to ride, providing feedback for their blog, or showing out-of-towners the sites. But it's not just cyclists: chefs, artists, microbrewers, musicians, and writers are being asked to point out bike-friendly shops, galleries, parks, and whatnot.

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The site's founder, Megan Ramey, and her family will be touring the city for the first time this weekend, and meeting with government types and advocates. She tells us by email that she's already reached out to Mpls Bike Love and the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.

What's more, on Sunday, Ramey is throwing a BBQ at 4330 Cedarwood Road and inviting businesses (hotels, breweries, restaurants) who want to partner up for "a moderate fee." She's promising to donate 25 percent of profits to local transportation groups.

In a statement, Ramey says, "Minneapolis is the only city on this tour that we've never biked in before. But it absolutely has the strongest word of mouth."

Indeed, the site's still filling in the cracks, but has already given Minneapolis a higher "BikeScore" than any of the other nine cities on its radar.

Eat it, Portland.

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