Big Lebowski costume ideas for Halloween at Bryant-Lake Bowl

Thanks to Bryant-Lake Bowl's 'Tonight We Abide: The 3rd Annual Big Lebowski Party,' wearing in a hooded black leotard will need no explanation, and there may be no better opportunity to dress as a nihilist for Halloween and have people actually know what the hell your costume is.

Before his rug was stolen, Lebowski's life was pretty simple. So it only makes sense that costumes for a party in his name should be too. To really bring your look together, it's all about the accessories. So here are a few bits of inspiration for a cheap and easy costume (assuming you have some leotards at home).


"Hell, I can get you a toe by 3 o'clock this afternoon. With nail polish."

Character description: The Dude's easily excitable best friend and bowling teammate. He's a Vietnam War vet and won't miss a chance to let everyone know. He sure as hell doesn't roll on Shabbos and has a soft spot for his ex-wife's Pomeranian.

The look: A safari vest with pockets, khaki shorts, and combat boots. But what will really pull the look together are aviator sunglasses, dog tags, and a "ringer" full of your whites or a coffee can full of "ashes."


Theodore Donald 'Donny' Kerabatsos
"What do you need that for, Dude?"

Character description:
The Dude's and Walter's inquisitive bowling teammate.

The look: There's nothing terribly distinct about the way he dresses, so we suggest donning all black, like a puppeteer, and taping a Folger's coffee can to your chest. Label: Donny.

Uli Kunkel as Karl Hungus
"Mine dispatcher says there's something wrong with your cable."

Character description: Nihilist and adult movie actor involved

The look: Long blond wig, white jumpsuit with the sleeves torn off, popped collar, utility belt.

Jeffrey Lebowski, aka The Dude
"Hey! Careful, man, there's a beverage here!"

Character description: Frequent bowler who prefers a laid-back lifestyle. He Just wants a nice rug to really pull his room together. Prefers white Russian cocktails and the occasional oat soda.

The look: Again, easy enough with sunglasses, a bathrobe, shorts or zoobas, and a stained shirt. But you could spice it up by blasting some baby-powder on your face and shirt. When people ask what it is, you can say it's Donny's ashes.


The Nihilist woman who sacrificed her toe
"Heidelbeer Pfannkuchen." (blueberry pancakes)

Character description: Nihilist woman who sacrifices her toe in a scam to get money from the wrong Lebowski.

The look: Here's your chance to cut up an old pair of boots, exposing your bandaged foot. Go to the party with someone dressed as Brandt and he can carry the toe!

Marty the landlord
"You know, my cycle?"

Character description: Occasionally reminds his tenants about rent that is past-due and also invites them to his one-man shows.


The look: There are plenty of chairs at the Bryant-Lake Bowl. At any time you could do an impromptu performance in your ivy-covered, nude bodysuit.

The (micturated upon) Rug:

Go as the object that started the whole mess. Cut a hole in the middle of a large rug and wear it like a pancho. Make sure to embellish it with a large yellow spot. The only thing that could beat this costume is if someone showed up as a tumblin' tumbleweed.

The Bryant-Lake Bowl will have specials in honor of the Dude (or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing), including $2 bowling (with costume), free movie screenings in the theater, and karaoke. Come dressed as your favorite character from the movie and win prizes at the midnight costume contest. Let DJ Christian Fritz inspire your inner-Lebowski as he spins tunes from the Coen Brothers film catalog.


There is no cover for 'Tonight We Abide,' which takes place on Saturday, October 30 from 9 p.m. to close. Free screenings of The Big Lebowski will be at midnight on October 30 and 3 p.m. on Halloween. For more details, visit the Bryant-Lake Bowl.