Best sign of spring: Icicles shooting out of Medicine Lake [a very trippy video]

Yes, this is really happening
Yes, this is really happening

It's like they were trying to escape the inevitable thaw of spring. Last weekend, amidst the suddenly balmy weather, Medicine Lake, home of the biannual Art Shanties festival in Plymouth, began shooting massive amounts of icicles out of the water in front of amazed crowds.

It was a very odd sign of spring, to say the least.

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Yes, there is a scientific explanation, but let's first take a look at the really cool phenomenon below:

Nature can be pretty freaky. So when things like this happen, there is usually a good scientific explanation. Although this type of occurrence isn't often caught on camera for YouTube, it happens sometimes during shifts in temperature. As a frozen body of water begins to thaw, some of the melting ice will fragment dramatically into lots of little splinters. (Think of it as winter's futile effort in defending itself against spring.)

The sudden ice needles weren't the only sign of spring last weekend. Despite boasting its longest running ski season in its 63-year history, this was happening at Trollhaugen:

Best sign of spring: Icicles shooting out of Medicine Lake [a very trippy video]

Now if we could only make it through this weekend without more snow.

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