Best Of the Twin Cities 2014: Arts categories

Best Of the Twin Cities 2014: Arts categories

Right this very moment, City Pages' Best Of the Twin Cities 2014 is hitting the streets. For this year's theme, we took a healthy dose of inspiration from Hollywood's glam Golden Age, especially celebrating the looks and aesthetics of the 1930s to the '50s.

For easy perusal, we've compiled some of the top arts winners -- be they theater, dance, literary, fashion, or visual arts related -- into one handy post. Come take a look.

Visual Art:

Best Museum

Best Museum Exhibition

Best Art Gallery

Best Local Cartoonist


Best Theater

Best Director

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Emerging Actor

Best Emerging Actress

Best Designer

Best Play

Best Ensemble

Best Musical

Best Place to Do Something for Free


Best Makeup

Best Local Fashion Designer

Best Wardrobe

Best Vintage Clothing Store in Minneapolis

Best Clothing Store (Used)

Best Thrift Store

Best Jewelry Store

Best Women's Clothing Shop

Best Lingerie

Best Clothing Store (Men)

Best Clothing Store (Kids)

Best Fashion Show

Best Boutique


Best Festival

Best Movie Theater


Best Author

Best Author We Like to Claim as Our Own

Best Literary Events

Best Bookstore (New) in Minneapolis

Best Bookstore (New) In St. Paul

Best Bookstore (Used) in Minneapolis

Best Bookstore (Used) in St. Paul


Best Standup (Local)

Best Standup (National)

Best Open Mic

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