Best of Dressing Room: July 29 - August 2

Best of Dressing Room: July 29 - August 2
The Gay 90's is on stop on our wild and sketchy 48-hour itinerary

Folks in the Twin Cities are always up to something exciting. Here are some of Dressing Room's top stories from this week:

-- Looking for an excellently skanky time in the Twin Cities? Shady connoisseur Patrick Strait has a 48-hour itinerary for you.

-- Momentum is turning 10 with a free show in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden this weekend.

-- MNfashion released its schedule for September's Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week.

-- Our theater critic, Ed Huyck, is live-tweeting the Fringe! He also offers some helpful tips for those who want to make the most of the ginourmous festival.

--Block E is getting a temporary art makeover by the lady who brought us the awesome Artists in Storefronts project.

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