Best bets for local comedy this New Year’s Eve


Jesus Christ, 2016 amirite?

Lizz Winstead in Controversy 2016: The Year in Review

The Cedar Cultural Center
$45; $65 VIP

Mercifully, New Year’s Eve is upon us, meaning that we can finally close the chapter on what has been a year of sad, strange, and all-around difficult events for many people. However, just because the last 364 days kind of sucked doesn’t mean you have to spend the last night of the year bummed out.

In fact, if there was one bright spot in 2016 it’s the continued growth of the Minnesota comedy scene, with more performers and venues offering the chance to see quality comedy nearly any night of the week.

While the heavy-hitters will be rolling out major names to cap off the year (Jackie Kashian is at Acme Comedy Co., Michael Palascak is at Joke Joint, Collin Moulton is at House of Comedy, and Katt Williams is at Target Center for some reason), there is a growing number of options for anyone looking to laugh in the face of the normal, boring NYE plans. Here are some of our top picks for local comedy this New Year’s Eve.

Sisyphus Brewing: East Coast Style New Year’s Eve Comedy Show

Now back for a third year, comedian Maggie Faris once again headlines one of the most “celebration-efficient” shows of 2016. What makes it “East Coast Style?” The fact that they do the traditional countdown at 11 p.m. (midnight on the East Coast), giving you time to get to a much cooler party before the ball drops, or just get home before the bars empty out. This year’s lineup includes performances by Jeff Pfoser, Shelly Paul, and Turner Barrowman, making this most talent-stacked lineup from top to bottom happening in Minneapolis. Plus it’s the first New Year’s party in the new Sisyphus comedy room, so you know you can toast with a quality craft beer at midnight instead of some garbage $12 glass of Andre. There are two shows (7 and 9 p.m.) and tickets are just $25, but this show has sold out in advance every year and this weekend will be no exception. Come for the comedy, stay for the New Year’s countdown, be in bed before the a.m.

Sisyphus Brewing, 7 & 9 p.m. $25.



New Hope Cinema Grill: Tiffany Norton w/Chloe Radcliffe, Karen Pickering, Kathleen O’Brien

New Hope Cinema Grill and Tiffany Norton on New Year’s go together like New Year’s resolutions and quitting New Year’s resolutions two weeks later. Norton, who was voted reader’s choice for “Best Comedian” in this year’s City Pages Best Of issue, has stacked the lineup for the night with three uniquely different but equally hilarious comedians, all for under $20. There is an early and a late show, meaning you can drop your kids off in the theater next door to watch Trolls while you spend a couple of hours actually enjoying your evening.

New Hope Cinema Grill, 7 & 9:30 p.m. $15.



Comedy Corner Underground: Chris Maddock w/Colleen Doyle Justice

If you haven’t seen Chris Maddock, you can’t call yourself a true local comedy fan. Maddock is one of the Twin Cities comedy community’s most battle-tested comedians, managing to continue pulling in new fans each year while bringing back the old who just can’t get enough. Plus, seeing him at CCU is an extra bonus, as the intimate atmosphere is tailor-made for Maddock’s one-two punch of comedy and music (but like, good music. Not shitty “comedy-music.”). Colleen Doyle Justice will be kicking things off, and a champagne toast will close the evening out, making this the ultimate date night comedy spot.* (*If your date is Chris Maddock. Otherwise attend at your own risk.)

Comedy Corner Underground, 8 & 10:30 p.m. $20.


(Matthew Ayers)

New Year’s Day Honorable Mention: Boy Kisses – Debilitating Hangover

While not technically a New Year’s Eve show, the first comedy show of 2017 will be happening at Universe Games the following night as Boy Kisses presents their weekly standup/sketch/song/social experiment. This week’s theme will fittingly be “Debilitating Hangover,” where the guys will hopefully share tips to get your life back together after destroying yourself on the final night of the year. In addition to the usual suspects, they’ll feature sets from Anders Lee, Jeff Pfoser, Adam Mcshane, and Mike Brody, who will all judge you and your state of hangover from the small stage. It’s free, it’s funny, and the best thing happening on a Sunday.

Universe Games, 7:30 p.m. Free.