Benedict Cumberbatch may appear at Minneapolis Comic Con

Benedict Cumberbatch in <i>Sherlock</i>

Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock

Get ready for the Cumber Collective to descend upon Minneapolis this spring. British actor Benedict Cumberbatch reportedly will appear at Minneapolis Comic Con.

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The Huffington Post has reported that Cumberbatch will make an appearance at Comic Con in Minneapolis. It will be his first since San Diego Comic Con (and that was a pre-recorded video).

What does this mean for the local Comic Con? In short: a lot.

A big-name star like Cumberbatch to coming to this event shows that Wizard World means business with its first con in the Twin Cities, and that there will probably be a lot of Sherlock and Smaug cosplayers running around.

If you're not privy to the hype surrounding the British actor that has spawned super-fans who call themselves "Cumberbabes" and "Cumberbitches," he's kind of a big deal in the nerd world and beyond.

Cumberbatch's most recent film roles include a turn as the fiery-tongued Smaug in Peter Jackson's Hobbit series, villainous Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness, and slave-owner William Ford in the Oscar-winning best picture 12 Years a Slave.

His most iconic role to date is that of the contemporary Sherlock Holmes alongside his Hobbit co-star Martin Freeman. His misanthropic, socially awkward Sherlock won fans over with his dry wit and (duh) astute deductive reasoning. The BBC show just wrapped up its third season this winter with a fourth season in the works.

No word yet on whether Cumberbatch will do the usual convention rounds with fans and sign autographs or take photos. We'll keep you posted when official Cumberbatch news arrives.