Ben Gleib on Loving Double Dare, Seeking Teen Jeopardy! Vengeance


While Ben Gleib hosted a successful campus talk show in college, he never had any designs on being a game-show host. Idiot Test challenges two teams of two to solve a variety of brain-teaser puzzles.

"I never thought I'd be a game show host, no," he says. "I've loved game shows my whole life. Growing up, I was big fan of Double Dare. [Host] Marc Summers, the prince of all game shows, was certainly an inspiration and an example for me of what the genre could be. Press Your Luck was another favorite. As a young boy I learned to avoid 'whammies,' but I don't think I've ever encountered a 'whammy' in my life."

However, Gleib feels Alex Trebek is the gold-standard of game-show hosts to this day.

"I grew up watching Jeopardy!. I auditioned to be on Teen Jeopardy!, but I was rudely rejected by the judges, to which I will one day get revenge. It is a wonderful bit of sweet revenge that I get to have my own game show and tell others that they are not smart and they have failed my challenges," he says. "What is life if you can't have your bitterness displayed on national television? Life is nothing but soaked up bitterness -- but in a fun light way."

Gleib has a unique view of game shows. "It's fun to give people the chance to earn money in a very embarrassing, public shaming kind of way," he says. "It's basically a welfare program, a financial assistance program for people in need, and they apply for this assistance in front of a national television audience."

New fans of Idiot Test are coming aboard all the time, as the Game Show Network has aired marathons of the show.

"I get tweets form people who watch four or five hours straight of our show, which is pretty crazy to hear," says Gleib. "They did one on Christmas Day, so a lot of people spent their Christmas watching Idiot Test. I'm not going to say whether that means they failed their own idiot test or not, but if they watched surrounded by family, snowflakes falling on their heads, then I think they had a beautiful Christmas, and should probably install a roof in their house."


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