Beers, bluegrass, brunch: Here's your 30 Days of Biking calendar

A scene from 30 Days of Biking 2017 [Photo: Emmet Kowler]

A scene from 30 Days of Biking 2017 [Photo: Emmet Kowler]

Nuts to you, unseasonably warm winter: It's biking season! 

Nobody is more psyched about that fact than the pro bike riding forces behind 30 Days of Biking, the annual Minneapolis-launched campaign that encourages participants to bike every day throughout April. 

The organization recently unveiled its itinerary for 2017, and plenty of fun whathaveyous accompany the pedaling -- beers, brunch, bluegrass, baked goods, and possibly even more alliterative entertainment. 

Things get rolling 11 a.m. on April 1 at The Commons in Minneapolis -- aka the grassy area adjacent to The Great Bird Destroyer. Coffee, fruit, and a "bike blessing" will lead into a laid-back ride around town, culminating with brews and dancing at the bird-respecting Surly Brewing Co. complex. 

Click here to see the entire calendar of events. 

Founded in 2010, 30 Days of Biking has since attracted more 8,000 pledged riders from around the world. Check out our recent profile of Patrick Stephenson, the co-founder/bike evangelist behind 30DOB. 

Minneapolis charted at No. 6 -- a three-spot slip! -- in Bicycling Magazine's annual tally of the 50 Best Bike Cities. We're gunning for your ass, arch-rival Portland, Oregon (No. 3).