Bedlam Theatre floor gives way in back room; community stepping into action

The back room floor at Bedlam Theatre, Tuesday
The back room floor at Bedlam Theatre, Tuesday

"We've got a great deal with our landlord in general," wrote co-artistic director John Bueche in an email last night. "Helped by the fact that we have a penchant for solving problems. In this instance, we've got a pretty good deal worked out to apply our substantial social capital to the issue in exchange for rent reduction."

In other words, people are already pitching in to help a repair that will run into the tens of thousands of dollars. A quick visit to the theater last night saw a healthy crowd at the bar, as well as an audience for The Happy Show happily (appropriately) oblivious to the construction woes in the back. 

Bueche notes that the landlord and structural engineers are working with the theater and its community to find a solution. 

"Since Tuesday 6 p.m., nearly 300 volunteer hours have excavated several tons of soggy floor," he added by email. "It's Thursday, right? Ferocious community."

Indeed. In just a couple of days a nasty-looking mess has already turned into a worksite headed toward a permanent repair. It won't be cheap or easy, by the look of it, but there's a sense that it would take considerably more to slow down one of the most vital and downright interesting theater-food-drink destinations in town. 

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