Bedlam Lowertown Hosts Visual Art + Music

Wing Young Huie 

Wing Young Huie 

This Friday, Bedlam Lowertown will host the first in a four-part series that focuses on creative intersections. For Visual Art + Music, artists will collaborate with Shifting Perspectives founder Tyler Cessor and other musicians. There will be improvisation, audience participation, projected images, and live artwork, creating an evening promoting listening to music and seeing art in whole new ways. 

The event aims to help audiences experience music a little bit differently, and "to increase our ability to imagine," Cessor says. After 
Cessor says the visual artists involved in the show -- Wing Young Huie, Heather Doyle, and Gbadebo -- have all inspired him in some way, and he wanted to collaborate with them. With Huie, Cessor was especially impressed with the photographer's social equity work. In the second piece of the show, Huie's photographs will be juxtaposed with a solo for saxophone featuring Cessor. The photographs include people who have similar facial expressions, with the idea that the audience might think differently about people in different environments and culture. 

For the third piece Heather Doyle, director of the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center, presents a large sculptural work that involves many shields on the outside and fireflies on the inside. Made by young people that Doyle works with, it speaks to the guards that we all carry around ourselves. 

The last piece of the evening involves various screens that will be projected while musicians improvise based on the images. The musicians, as well as the audience, will see different images based on their location. 


Visual Art + Music

7 p.m. Friday

18+; $13.25

Bedlam Lowertown

213 Fourth St., St. Paul

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