Bedlam hosts Aquarius Cafe, a Celebration of Aquarians

Molly Van Avery

Molly Van Avery

It's the age of Aquarius. Well, the month of Aquarius anyway. Here's a fun fact: There's a bunch of Bedlam staff members who happen to be Aquarians, a.k.a. people born between January 21 and February 19. So they're having a party to celebrate the fact that Saturn is easing up on them for the first time since 2012. But don't worry, it'll be fun even if you're not a true believer. 

The idea came about when the many Aquarians among the Bedlamites noticed a scheduling hole in the calendar. They came up with the Aquarius idea as a kind of lark. "We thought about who we wanted to watch perform for our birthday," says Andi Cheney, Bedlam's company manager.

The line-up includes performers that don't show their stuff very often, like Molly Van Avery, who's sharing a piece wherein she defeats the patriarchy. 

If that sounds political, that's because people born under Aquarius are "big-picture thinkers," Cheney says. Aquarians have a tendency to get into politics, philosophy, and global movements. 

In that vein, be prepared to see the dance group Hiponymous, "because they are so good at making their dances political," Cheney says. "Dance is not my first genre of understanding. But I can feel the overt politics they put into it. It's so expressive and fun." 

Also performing will be spoken-word artist Ifrah Monsour, who was very involved in the Million Artist Movement; Scott Artley, an instigator in the local, queer-art scene; and the duo Khem Clan, made up of Farrington LLewellin and ShaVunda Horsley. Executive director John Francis Bueche, an Aquarius, will also perform. 

Tonight will also be the premiere of a new work, Marcy Does Trivia, featuring Justin Caron, Molly Budke, and Mina Halling. It's a drag act that will be running a later event on February 19. "This will be the introduction of Marcy -- a teaser to come back," Cheney says. "Marcy is a wonderful drag act, and she has some feelings about Sky Mall." 

The whole evening will have a fun, birthday vibe, says Cheney, who acts as emcee for the event. Truth be told, she's a skeptic herself, but she thinks reading horoscopes are really fun. In fact, there's precedent for Bedlam's draw toward all things astrological: They had their charts read last year, which turned out to be pretty accurate. 


AQUARIUS CAFE: A Sudden Showcase of Performances, Various

Thursday, February 5

The show starts at 8 p.m. tonight, but come early for karaoke hosted by Raw Sugar from 6 to 8 p.m., and stay after for dancing hosted by Apollo Cobra.

There's a sliding scale $5-$10, with a discount $2 price for all Aquarians.