Beauty superstore Ulta is coming to the Mall of America


Watch out, Sephora. Your new Mall of America neighor is coming for your wig.

This afternoon, it was announced that giant beauty retailer Ulta is moving into the Mall. For those unfamiliar with the chain, it's a little like a high-end beauty department store mixed with drugstore finds. Think Sephora mixed with Walgreens. The 500 or so brands Ulta carries go from pricey-but-coveted (Urban Decay, Benefit) to affordable Target/drugstore staples (Maybelline, NYX). 

The MOA store will open in the fall of 2017. The 11,000-sqaure-foot space will be on the second level on the east side, near the rotunda, which puts it somewhere between Sears and JCrew. Inside, shoppers will also find a salon, which will offer services including facials, brow waxing, blowouts, haircuts, and coloring.

With the recent'ish opening of NYX Cosmetics, plus Macy's, Nordstrom's, LUSH, and Sephora, it should be real easy for a beauty fanatic to do some real damage shopping at the Mall.