Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freakshow this Saturday

Nowadays we don't exactly have to wait for a county fair for a chance to glimpse into a freak show. Freak flags fly for free now. However, sometimes an old-fashioned-style show is more fun to watch. Thankfully, this weekend the 331 Club is hosting The Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freak Show.


The sixth annual Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freak Show kicks off this Saturday at noon. This carnival-style event features live musical acts all day long, including performances by The Brass Kings, Rumble Seat Riot, Crankshaft, The 99ers, Red Desert, Mustache Jim, Black Church Service, L'Assasins, and Violent Shifters. There will also be a performance by local burlesque troupe Le Cirque Rouge.

People are encouraged to finish up their bike projects and enter them into competition. Contest categories include street fighter, side car, two stroke, rat bike, bobber, scooter, and many more.

Like all good carnivals, there will be plenty to drink and feast on. Just remember, ladies, brush the crumbs out of your beard when you're finished.

The festival will take place on the corner of University and 13th Avenues Northeast in Minneapolis, in front of the 331 Club this Saturday, July 23 from noon to 2 a.m. A complete schedule of events and performances is available online.