B-Girl Be "Innaviews," "Always & Forever," and other weekend theater options

We're in that post-Fringe, pre-Fall openings interim in which it can seem as though theater options are few. But c'mon: this is the Twin Cities and, as always, there are more than a few appealing theatrical options out there over the weekend. Here are a few, for those who have either already been to the State Fair or who prefer their human drama onstage and not on the Midway.

First up is


, part of the Be-Girl Be festival at Intermedia Arts. It's a two-person show by a New York breakdance duo based on silly questions interviewers have asked them over the years. B-Girl Be celebrates women in hip-hop;


pushes boundaries one step farther. And Brother Ali tweeted that he planned to be in town to check things out, so there's a fine endorsement for you.

Always & Forever continues at Illusion Theater, an excellent musical revue of 60s and 70s soul, funk, and R&B with an emphasis on love songs and slow jams. Either bring a sweetie, or someone you would like to make your sweetie.

City of Angels plays at Bloomington Civic Theatre; it's a film-noir musical about a screenwriter and the film he's struggling to complete. A nice piece of theatrical meta-fiction, it's definitely worth a look.

Wicked is at the Oprheum. I've been told this iteration of the touring show is getting tired, but if there's a tween girl in your life, you will score major points for taking her.

This month's Grand Ole Orgy is at the BLB tonight. Comedy, bulresque, live music by the Dirty Curls . . . you should probably order that second drink.

I'm going to see Nature at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. It's a play about Emerson and Thoreau. It takes place outdoors. It looks smart. I'm going to review it in next week's CP, so I'm not going to think about it again until I see it.

Tales of Hoffman: A Picnic Operetta comes to community gardens. Rumor has it that food from those gardens could end up being eaten by you if you're there.

And the remarkable The Scottsboro Boys continues at the Guthrie. Call 612.377.2224 if you're strapped for cash--Guthrie rush tickets are one of the best consistent values in town.

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