Aziz Ansari delivers on his persona at the State

Aziz Ansari delivers on his persona at the State
Alexa Jones for City Pages


Depending on who you ask, Aziz Ansari got his start as a member of the comedy trio Human Giant, playing Tom Halverford on NBC's Parks and Recreation, or as Raaaaaaandy!, a character that was intended to talk shit about awful, no-joke comedians that ended up being almost as popular as Ansari himself, a real-life not awful comedian.

Directly after hosting the advertopia that was the MTV Movie Awards 2010 Twilight Les Grossman Edition (yeah I watched it under the pretense of research - it took about twelve minutes with liberal fast forwards), Ansari set out on his Dangerously Delicious Tour across America and, probably like everyone else there, I thought it was a good opportunity to see my biannual comedy show. I'd seen his shows, watched Youtube clips, listened to his album (are they called albums?), and listened to that one song from his sort of fake mixtape. I anticipated the fast-paced rant on dick sucking ("I hope you have to suck four hippo cocks"), the internet (from the same bit: "I love getting into fights on the internet"), youth culture, and the best suburban white thug voice currently doing sold out shows across the country.

Throughout the night at the State, the material was pitch-perfect -- an hour of work from a person specifically designed to explain why telling girls you're on TV doesn't get you handjobs, that 50 Cent doesn't know what a grapefruit is, and exactly how to mine the endless comedic potential of fat dorky cousins.

Stand up comedy can be considered the harshest art, a landscape of neurotic self-haters, slick-talking egomaniacs, drunk club patrons, tumbleweeds, and crickets. It's a place where people fail so harshly so regularly for so long you wonder what could motivate them to continue when the reality of it looms so large. The point is this: Seeing a 27-year-old guy in a fancy dinner jacket completely murdering a set of ins and outs and loop-de-loops really is incredible. The work Ansari has put into his career makes it completely deserved.

MP3: Raaaaaaaandy and Dave Sitek, "Aaaaaaaangry"

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