Avenue Q at the Orpheum: Preview of muppet mayhem


Overtly referential of Sesame Street, Avenue Q features original cast members from the hallowed children's show, but their Muppet-like creatures deal with adult issues like racism, internet porn and homosexuality in language both colorful and profane. Monsters like Trekkie Monster, a porn addict, and Rod, a closeted gay Republican, represent distillations of characters we see in the news every day.

The plot, such as it is, revolves around an out-of-work English major who moves to New York on a quest for self-actualization and ends up living on Avenue Q due to lack of funds. He gets to know his neighbors (and their neuroses) and plots thicken as they help, conspire against, fuck and fight with one another.

Now, I'll fully admit my knowledge of this little gem came in college, when I (along with the rest of the Internet) stumbled across this YouTube video:

I didn't realize at first that the tune was from Avenue Q, the 2003 Broadway musical parody of Sesame Street - but I did know that "The Internet Is For Porn" was comedy gold. Some quick google searches sprung more hilarity:

Avenue Q ran for six years on Broadway and is now on tour (it will be my first time seeing the musical outside of Internet videos). The show runs today at the Orpheum through the 18th.