Augie's Strip Club pimps reality web show '99 Problems'


What's the easiest way to create a reality show filled with plenty of scantily-clad ladies, crazy fights, and binge drinking? Set it directly in a strip club. That is the gist of 99 Problems, a web series hosted by Augie's owner, Brian Michael. And while one would assume that a show of this nature would feature plenty of pole dancing (and judging from the teaser trailers, it does), it appears to also follow other aspects of running a nightclub in the Twin Cities, from sketchy patrons who run from cops to stripper fights to low-key dressing room moments.


[jump] While the show is being shopped to networks, it appears that it has been getting more attention via the internet. Folks are encouraged to Facebook post or tweet new trailers as they are released. While using social media as a marketing tool is nothing new, it will be interesting to see where the campaign takes the club and program. It's certainly more experimental that their old late-night TV spots featuring Fancy Ray.

Watch a NSFW trailer (in high def!) below, or check out the program's Twitter page and website.