Artery Twentyten kicks off tonight

Artery Twentyten kicks off tonight
Photos by Sarah Nienaber

The format is a little different this year, but the concept is the same. For four days (rather than the usual 24-hours), "Artery Twentyten" will feature 18 different works ranging from evolving art installations to dance to experimental theater. Added bonus: Expect audience participation.

From Thursday through Sunday, 22 artists will perform a variety of works each night. Pieces include


, Jaime Carrera's latest effort exploring the dichotomy of light meaning "safe" and darkness signifying "danger"; Kats D Fukasawa's site-specific performance piece inspired by the Japanese Obon Festival, a Buddhist celebration honoring the dead; and

The Keys Experiment

, a play about the 1940's Minnesota Starvation Experiment.

Performances are each night from 6 p.m. to midnight at the Soap Factory (518 Second St. SE; Minneapolis). Admission is free. For a complete schedule, visit

To get an even better idea of what "Artery Twentyten" is about, check out the Soap's videos from some of last year's performances.

Soap Factory August 09 from Soap Factory on Vimeo.

Soap Factory September 09 from Soap Factory on Vimeo.

Additional footage can be found at the Soap Factory's YouTube website.

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