Art on the chopping block for 'Exit Rogue Citizen'

The parting fanfare of a closing business usually involves loud announcements about the slashing of prices on merchandise that must be sold. In the case of "Exit Rogue Citizen," the current art exhibition at Gallery13, it's the merchandise itself that will be slashed (actually, chopped would be a more accurate description).

Drastic? Definitely. But it's not shock for shock's sake, it's all in keeping with the theme of the show. [jump]

"Exit Rogue Citizen" focuses on the American justice and prison systems, sentencing, and capital punishment. The artists who make up the art collective known as Rogue Citizen--Shawn Dalsen, Eric Mattheis, Matt McGorry, and Matt Wells--even went as far as to partition off their art, displaying it in three separate cells.

The closing reception, "Reprieve," on Friday, April 1 will see unsold artwork from the show executed, literally. Using an axe and a tree stump, the artist further demonstrate the theme of the show by acknowledging the way our system benefits those who can afford to purchase freedom.

The "Exit Rogue Citizen" closing party will take place at Gallery13 on Friday April 1 from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. The event, sponsored by PBR, will feature music by Seawhores.