Art & Fashion App scavenger hunt to culminates this Thursday


Don't let the ugly weather discourage you from having an adventure. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts and l'etoile magazine have created an art and fashion phone app that takes participants on a scavenger hunt to cool destinations throughout the city.

[jump] Stops along the way feature various fashion-themed destinations, including Cliché, Blacklist Vintage, and Electric Fetus. Challenges at each location range from taking a picture to answering a trivia question about the business. Most vary from day-to-day as well.

The scavenger hunt will culminate this Thursday, November 18 during the MIA's Third Thursday museum party. Check in at l'etoile's "Dress the Doryphoros" station for the final challenge and to enter to win an iPad.

Interested in playing? The SVNGR app is free and works for iPhone and Android. Download it at and be sure to follow these instructions, located at the game's Facebook page:

1. Download the free app SCVNGR for your iPhone or Android. 2. Under "Treks," look for MIA & l'étoile Fashion.3. Complete challenges at participating locations to rack up points.4. Come to Third Thursday on November 18, where the person with the most points wins an iPad! You must be present to win.