ARENA Dances draws inspiration from the Carpenters

This weekend the Southern Theater will premiere the latest work by local modern dance company, ARENA Dances. 

I hate myself. Will you please love me? is the final show in the company's 15th season, and features original choreography by director and founder Mathew Janczewski set to the sounds of the legendary duo the Carpenters. 
Not only are the dancers' dynamic movements inspired by the Carpenters' music, but Janczewski's production also explores the idea of human insecurities, brought forward by the complicated relationship between Karen Carpenter and her brother Richard, and her struggle with an eating disorder that eventually claimed her life. 

As choreographer/director Janczewski explains, "The piece draws on the lives of [the Carpenters] to present an expressionistic look at their relationship and the secrets and conflicting emotions we all experience in our own lives."

I hate myself. Will you please love me? features music from the Carpenters, Bright Eyes, Babes in Toyland, and Fourtet, and is being described as an ironically dark comedy and cautionary tale. Performed by six dancers, their range of motion and emotion framed by such popular love songs will really speak to audiences. 

The performance premieres tomorrow night at the Southern Theater, and will run through the weekend. Tickets range from $24 to $26, and may be purchased online.

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