Arctic Market returns, gh2's 90% sale, and other fashion happenings this week

Yeah, 90% off.

Yeah, 90% off. gh2

These warmer-than-average winter days have us yearning to fill our closets with spring clothes and eschew coats for dresses and bare legs. 

While it’s probably a little early to jump the gun and spring into the new season, you can always opt to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe in advance of warmer weather -- and there are tons of great opportunities to do so over the next few weeks. Check out these fab fashion events and updates going on now.

gh2 90% off sale

Have you ever been to a gh2 90% off sale? Lines form around the block, as the teeny Northeast shop is packed with people scavenging for designer deals. Why? Because the deals are insane! It’s time for another installment of the highly-anticipated clearance event, which features pieces from gh2’s big sister store, Grethen House, as well as designer consignment shoes, clothes, and accessories. Pro tips: Get there early for the best stuff, wear leggings and a tank so you can change easily, and bring a buddy to hold all of your finds. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, February 28-29. 318 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis

Some Great People have taken over a former JCrew.

Some Great People have taken over a former JCrew. Some Great People

Some Great People Rosedale Pop-Up Store

JCrew has moved out of Rosedale. Instead, its space will be occupied by a fun local-centric pop-up helmed by Sarah Edwards and her new agency, Some Great People. It’s a place for connection and play, and will feature everything from fashion events to fitness classes. “In a super digitally connected world, we are all craving ways to connect in real life,” says Edwards. “So we created the Some Great People ShareSpace to take connections that are built online and make ways to connect in a human way.” The space is open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. March 7-15. Find tickets, a complete event schedule, and RSVP information on the organization's Facebook Page. Rosedale Mall, Roseville

Wild Isles

Wild Isles Danielle Dewitt, Root and Bloom Photography

Wild Isles Swim at Roe Wolfe

Have you heard about the local swimwear line Wild Isles, designed “by busty women for busty women?” The flattering and cute suits, which are made from recycled fishing nets, are designed to support and enhance your best assets. If you’re curious, you can now try on their complete line at Roe Wolfe, and then order directly from the brand, no guesswork required. Heading off on a warm weather vacay in the next month or so? You probably need a new suit. Roe Wolfe, Galleria, Edina

Here's a plant you can't kill

Here's a plant you can't kill Arctic Market

Arctic Market

Lakes & Legends is playing host to the Minneapolis Craft Market’s Arctic Market, featuring the work of tons of local makers, including Lange Pottery, Curly Girl Boutique, Fair Anita Jewelry, and many others. What better way to spend a Sunday than supporting a local artisan and sipping one of Lakes & Legends’ delicious beers? This event is also kid- and dog-friendly. Noon to 5 p.m. Sunday, March 1. 1368 Lasalle Ave., Minneapolis

Find this sweatshirt around town.

Find this sweatshirt around town. Business Casual

Business Casual Dress with Local Boutiques

A handful of local boutiques -- including Golden Rule, Golden Age Design, Forage Modern Workshop, Hazel & Rose, and Idun -- banded together a few months back to create a tote that read “Business Casual.” The tote was so simple, stylish, and witty that it became an instant hit, and has now been translated into a cool unisex black crewneck sweatshirt. Purchasing the tote (which retails for $15) or sweatshirt ($80) is an easy and fashion-forward way to support local retail, making it a win-win for everyone — and a fun choice for casual Friday at work.