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    Little Shop of Magic

    THERE IS AN old story of a magician's picnic, in which a legendary master calls together his circle of young magicians upon the occasion of his retirement and proceeds with a considered bit of matchmaking, mating his protgs with all his trademark...

    by Brad Zellar on February 21, 1996
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    Money Talks

    Babes In Arms Guthrie Theater Gospel in Blues Time Ordway Music Theatre GARLAND WRIGHT HAS left the Guthrie--almost. After nine years as artistic director, Wright's departure for a position at the Juilliard School has taken on the protracte...

    by Michael Tortorello on February 21, 1996
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    One Nation Under Glass - John Updike's 17th novel takes on a century of American dreams.

    Every house has a John Updike novel. Mine, I recently discovered, has three--Rabbit Run, Rabbit is Rich and A Month of Sundays--although I'm sure I've never bought one myself, nor borrowed, nor stolen. And yet there they are, existence indisputable...

    by Michael Tortorello on February 14, 1996
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    Dreams Derailed

    The Brotherhood The Great American History Theatre The Hand of God Illusion Theater LOCAL PLAYWRIGHT SYL Jones has authored and produced over 30 plays in the last three years. Some appear on state and national stages. Others are issue-relat...

    by Michael Tortorello on February 14, 1996
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    Deep Thoughts

    Easy Laughter Peter Peter Pumpkin Theater Gasp--The Tarkovsky Project Hidden Theatre KNOCK BACK THE whiskey. Prepare for the annual saliva exchange. Kick the Great Yid and collect a gift. It's Christide season in the American premi...

    by Michael Tortorello on February 7, 1996
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    The Wasteland, Continued - PBS's The United States of Poetry tries to make verse sexy again.

    Once upon a time in America, a whole bunch of poets no one's ever heard of got really lucky: A crew of 15 producers, directors, hair stylists, makeup artists, and sound wonks cruised through their hometowns in a magenta tour bus, revved up on artes...

    by Josie Rawson on February 7, 1996
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    Good Company

    THE CORRIDORS ARE the kind you see in nightmares and scary movies--long, drab, endless, corners turning into doorways that give way to more corridors. You could walk around for hours under the fluorescent light, only occasionally passing people in ...

    by Monika Bauerlein on February 7, 1996
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    Brother Act

    Freefall Penumbra Theatre Company Santos Y Santos Mixed Blood Theater SINCE JOHN EDGAR Wideman wrote Brothers and Keepers a dozen years back, tales of black brothers separated by class and crime have gained currency; what with the unsound ...

    by Michael Tortorello on January 31, 1996
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    Losing It at Sundance - The Amerindie film fest continues to inspire madness and money--and occasionally, art.

    Park City, Utah-- Each year in the bleak midwinter, we who love independent movies put our faith in the Sundance Film Festival to reveal provocative new trends, subvert the mainstream, and preview the artistic high points of the forthcoming year ...

    by Rob Nelson on January 31, 1996
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    Another Roadside Attraction - George Saunders's aberrant Americana

    Author George Saunders has a thing for theme parks, or more accurately, the business end of theme parks. In CivilWarLand in Bad Decline (Random House), his debut collection of stories and a novella, they serve as a grotesque microcosm of America it...

    by Julie Caniglia on January 24, 1996
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    Scat Songs

    One Hundred Years of Pure Shit: A Centennial Aberration of Ubu Roi Bedlam Theatre Lendra//Revolute American Aesthetic Institute PEEPEE CACA! PEEPEE CACA! With a vomitous belch, all hail Bedlam Theatre's One Hundred Years of Pure Shit, the...

    by Michael Tortorello on January 24, 1996
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    What Becomes a Legend Most? - The Return of Walt Mink

    Who's playing Monday? Walt Mink? Didn't they break up? Well, no, but you and the rest of the Twin Cities would be forgiven for thinking so. Fact is, our towns' former experts on speed/noise/jazz/ core/psychedelic pop are alive and kicking--though t...

    by Simon Peter Groebner on January 17, 1996
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    Femmey Fracas

    The Women Park Square Theatre For Whom The Southern Bell Tolls Handsaw Theatricals at Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater WE HAVE BEEN waiting for a revival of Clare Boothe's caustic 1936 comedy The Women--unknowingly, perhaps, but waiting nonethele...

    by Michael Tortorello on January 17, 1996
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    The Year in Film - Movies in 1995 didn't completely suck--assuming you knew where to look.

    In no year since the dawn of cinema has there been a higher percentage of dreadful films than in 1995. That sounds hyperbolic, I know, but there's no other way to describe the experience of sitting through pernicious garbage like White Man's Burden...

    by Rob Nelson on January 10, 1996
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    Top 10 Films

    1. Safe. A thoroughly bleak film, yes, but also an impassioned reminder of how not to spend one's life. Director Todd Haynes has zero patience with the dangerous laziness of the status quo, either in movies or the real world. 2. Georgia. Boys on ...

    by City Pages Staff on January 10, 1996
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    Art Without Pity

    YOU DON'T NEED a telescope to witness a heavenly convergence due to take place amid the arrested decay of the Southern Theatre, site of that annual rite of winter known as the Walker Art Center's Out There series. The 1996 perform-a-rama is especia...

    by Caroline Palmer on January 3, 1996
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    Rock & Roll Hearts - Two books look at the his and hers of pop music fandom.

    Nick Hornby High Fidelity Riverhead Evelyn McDonnell and Ann Powers, eds. Rock She Wrote: Women Write About Rock, Pop, and Rap Delta Among my high school circle of friends, collecting rock & roll records was a compulsive habit. I rem...

    by Ivan Kreilkamp on January 3, 1996
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    The Waiting Game

    THERE IS A Tupperware line for the microwave oven and the Muslims are on the floor in the corner near the pay phones, at their afternoon prayers. Somewhere beyond the gray sprawl to the east is Mecca. On Jenny Jones today the subject is "Frumpy-to-...

    by Brad Zellar on January 3, 1996
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    Hanging from the Top of the World

    ON THE NIGHTS when Paul Taylor goes downtown to change the strobe light atop the antenna on the roof of the IDS building, his wife doesn't sleep. It's been like this for the entire 15 years that he's climbed the antenna. But she's not alone in her ...

    by Ann Bauleke on December 27, 1995
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    Ebony and Ivory - Cry, the Beloved Country makes melodrama out of apartheid.

    Alan Paton's Cry, the Beloved Country was the only novel of its kind when it was published in 1948: a tragic and politically forceful examination of South African apartheid, presented through the story of a Zulu Anglican pastor, his chance encounte...

    by Rob Nelson on December 20, 1995
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