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    Diva X

    La Traviata Minnesota Opera The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me Arena Theatre and School OPERA IS AN intoxicating universe. I learned this as a 10-year-old who landed a part as a non-singing extra in a big-budget reworking of Verdi's Falstaff in Los An...

    by Kate Sullivan on January 29, 1997
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    Skyway to Hell

    THE BRIDGES LEADING to the skyway level of the old Chamber of Commerce Building on Fifth and Hennepin are colder than most, as if preparing you for what's ahead. Still, the space itself comes as a surprise: loose wires hang from the low ceiling like...

    by Dennis Cass on January 29, 1997
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    Sapphism for Fun and Profit - Pop lit discovers lesbian chic

    My girlfriend is a babe. She has long blond hair, a sports car, looks great in leather. When we're out together on the street or seated in a bar--a beautiful blond beside a lanky, short-haired woman--a part of me winces when the thought crosses my m...

    by Ellen Levy on January 29, 1997
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    Dreams Endured

    A Raisin in the Sun Penumbra Theatre Company WHEN A RAISIN in the Sun opened in 1959, author Lorraine Hansberry wrote her mother a letter trying to explain the intentions behind her landmark play. At the same time, some African-Americans no doubt fe...

    by Kate Sullivan on January 22, 1997
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    Romance and Reflections - Jane Campion plays with mirrors in her adaptation of Henry James's Portrait of a Lady.

    Jane Campion's The Portrait of a Lady may be seen as a corrective to her [1993] film The Piano--or at least to the prevailing interpretation of it as an uncomplicated paean to erotic awakening. An iconoclastic adaptation of Henry James's novel, The ...

    by Terri Sutton on January 22, 1997
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    So Much More Than a Game - Nike's dissection of "The Jordan Moment"

    Setting: The Great Western Forum. Lakers vs. Bulls. The bleachers are dark, almost lurid, the floor, shadowy and electric. Less fluorescent than radioactive. Players glide in slow motion across the key. Echoes of crowd roar, sneaker squeaks like car...

    by Michael Tortorello on January 15, 1997
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    Divine Intervention - Lars von Trier's acclaimed Breaking the Waves may be more classic Hollywood drama than art film.

    The strength of my films is that they are easy to mock. --Lars von Trier When a film gets as much advance praise as Lars von Trier's Breaking the Waves, it has a hard time meeting expectations. And since the simple but surprising plot of this...

    by Rob Nelson on January 8, 1997
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    Street of Dreams

    Sunset Blvd. Orpheum Theater SITTING IN THE dark at Sunset Blvd., I noticed a fetid, sweet smell akin to a dying lily, as if the woman next to me hadn't bathed in a while and had put on old perfume to hide it. Just when it became too much, the...

    by Kate Sullivan on January 8, 1997
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    The Year in Film - The view from here to Scotland, Hong Kong, and Fargo

    Born-and-bred Scandinavian-Minnesotan that I am, I've kept my feelings about Fargo bottled up until the last possible moment. And now that moment is upon me. Uff-da. The story of a Scandinavian-Minnesotan who's so violently repressed that he'd rathe...

    by Rob Nelson on January 1, 1997
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    Kitchen Culture

    Karen Joy Fowler The Sweetheart Season Henry Holt Substantively and spiritually, Minneapolis shaped the way America cooks. Local gals Betty Crocker and "Ann" Pillsbury may have been fictive, but they--more than James Beard, more than Alice Waters, m...

    by Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl on December 18, 1996
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    Comfort Food - The Jungle Theater's production of Bus Stop is a deliciously realistic study of different kinds of love.

    Famous people who commit suicide are forever defined by their deaths. We come to look on them as marked by the defect of premature death, a rubber stamp at the end of their life story that says, "I told you so." But it may be more accurate to define...

    by Kate Sullivan on December 18, 1996
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    Anarchy From Outer Space - Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! throws a cream pie in the face of our independence.

    As a child, [Tim] Burton was, by his own admission, moderately destructive. He would rip the heads off his toy soldiers and terrorize the kid next door by convincing him that aliens had landed. --Mark Salisbury, Burton on Burton The pinko commie In...

    by Rob Nelson on December 11, 1996
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    Holiday Confections

    Black Nativity As a newcomer to the Cities, I heard stories about this show bordering on the mythic; a critic at this paper once called it "holy." Indeed, this song-and-dance revue has some wonderfully surprising elements, most of all a seriously f...

    by City Pages Staff on December 11, 1996
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    Fattening the Goose

    A Christmas Carol Guthrie Theater The Three Musketeers Theatre de la Jeune Lune HOLIDAY SHOWS ARE strange half-breeds. They serve as cash cows for theaters, yet inevitably urge us to transcend our own material concerns. Of course, even spiritually e...

    by Kate Sullivan on December 4, 1996
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    Dead On Arrival - Tupac's posthumous Makaveli, along with new releases by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, take gangsta rap to different ends

    There are rumors on the Internet that Tupac Shakur faked his own murder. One conspiracy theorist offers up no fewer than 18 detailed reasons to suspect that the incident was an elaborate hoax. Many of them were circumstantial curiosities: Why wasn't...

    by Britt Robson on December 4, 1996
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    Semi-Magic Realism

    Help! (Ayuda!) Mixed Blood Theatre Company Mystery of the Rose Bouquet guthrie, too THE STORY GOES like this: Nicole--make that "Nick"--(Melinda Lopez) is a highly successful New York book editor who reeks of competence; her latest triumph is a se...

    by Kate Sullivan on November 27, 1996
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    ABEL FERRARA KEEPS, as they say, vampire hours. But when we finally reach the notoriously unpredictable director of Bad Lieutenant and The Funeral at his loft cum production office in lower Manhattan late one afternoon, he seems genuinely eager to t...

    by Rob Nelson on November 27, 1996
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    Merchant of Grief

    THE BLACK MERCEDES sweeps into the parking lot under signage reading "Bradshaw: Creating Meaningful Events That Celebrate Life." Tall and chesty in his herringbone jacket, Jim Bradshaw rushes into the building. A piece of his trim hair hovers out ov...

    by Ann Bauleke on November 27, 1996
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    Life Is A Joke, Old Chum. - Watching nothing happen with the beautiful losers of Friends.

    "Nothing I do means anything." --David Schwimmer as Ross Geller on Friends "They never told you life was going to be this way. Your life's a joke. You're broke. Your love life's D.O.A." And so the Rembrandts sing their jangly blues each week in th...

    by Michael Tortorello on November 27, 1996
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    Stand By Your Man

    Carousel Royal National Theatre Clown Noir: If the Gumshoe Fits MC2 Mask & Clown Company OVER THE PAST several weeks of theatergoing, from A Doll's House to Dimly Perceived Threats to the System to The Sound of a Voice to Hard Times to the...

    by Kate Sullivan on November 20, 1996
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