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    Shadow of a Former Self

    Mary Gordon The Shadow Man: A Daughter's Search for Her Father Random House THE PSYCHOANALYST HANS Loewald once remarked than an analysis is successful if it manages to transform ghosts into ancestors. In the haunted half-light of...

    by Josie Rawson on June 19, 1996
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    Love Hurts

    Three Visitations New Music-Theater Ensemble Fool for Love Jungle Theater WHO IS AMANA Del Ray? There she is in her motel room, an aging suburban chanteuse on a starred velvet seat, alone. Lest the sky begin falling, her hair is piled into ...

    by Michael Tortorello on June 19, 1996
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    Pure Pop For Now People - New LPs from Everything But The Girl and Tricky use club music as means to very different end

    Coming of musical age in the early '80s, as failing punk revolutionaries led pub sing-alongs like "Rock The Casbah," it makes sense that Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn of Everything But The Girl would look for inspiration in something--anythin...

    by Will Hermes on June 12, 1996
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    A Prayer for the Living

    YOU MAY HAVE passed her on the street or in the skyways of downtown Minneapolis. She's short and sturdy. At 74, three angioplasty surgeries haven't slowed her down any more than the slight twist in her gait does. She has warm brown eyes and a hint ...

    by Ann Bauleke on June 12, 1996
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    Short Shrift

    Milan Kundera Slowness HarperCollins THERE'S NO BETTER way to control the game than to make up the rules, and so Milan Kundera, the philosopher-king of contemporary fiction, has taken it upon himself to redefine the novel. He starte...

    by Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl on June 12, 1996
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    Love & Faxes

    Hate Mail Eye of the Storm The Hung and the Tasteless Hot Dish PRESTON BUYS A snow globe. That's the beginning of everything. Preston buys a snow globe, and it breaks in his suitcase, and he writes a letter to Dahlia, the store's assistant ...

    by Michael Tortorello on June 12, 1996
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    Making A Scene

    LOCAL LEGEND HAS it that once upon a time, 1987 actually, Japanese-American playwright Philip Gotanda became a McKnight Fellow. As part of the deal, he had to spend a certain amount of time here in residency at the Playwrights' Center, where they w...

    by City Pages Staff on June 12, 1996
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    Down On The Farm - Opera among the silos of outstate Minnesota, and a new staging of Steinbeck's grim classic.

    The summer of 1993 I painted 150 dorm rooms. We used only two colors, Marshmallow and Navajo, both of them shades of white. Most of the people in the small, southeastern Minnesota college town where I lived were white too. There wasn't much to do a...

    by Michael Tortorello on June 5, 1996
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    From Here To Banality - Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss explore the increasingly exotic margins of normalcy.

    The assignment from our high school social studies teacher, Mr. Reese, was something involving a slide show. After procrastinating till the last possible day, my partner, John, and I suddenly decided that our project would capture the Lif...

    by Julie Caniglia on May 29, 1996
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    Women on the Verge

    When We Dead Awaken Fully Reciprocal Theatre Company The Philadelphia Story Theatre in the Round HENRIK IBSEN'S LAST play, written in 1899, has all the neo-Gothic trappings of that era: haunting figures from the past, the inevitable spa-san...

    by Rebecca Harrison on May 29, 1996
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    The Head of the Cult - Post-rehab and on sabbatical from the Breeders, Kelley Deal is still in search of bliss.

    "When I was 16 I saw The Song Remains the Same--that's when I decided I wanted to do music." Kelley Deal takes a drag on a Merit Ultima 100 and looks to the rest of her band, flopped over furniture around her St. Paul living room. "Who didn't? Hell...

    by Terri Sutton on May 22, 1996
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    Grand Guignol

    Automobile Graveyard Crisis Point: theatre of danger and opportunity Three One-Acts You Can Smoke and Drink To Choosy Mothers Theatre THE PIOUS MIGHT want to bring an exorcist to Fernando Arrabal's Automobile Graveyard, a surrealist revi...

    by Michael Tortorello on May 22, 1996
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    Twister - Twister wisely jumps the gun on the summer blockbuster season.

    About halfway through Twister, my thoughts shifted from awe at the tornado's force to something more like "Gee, those Boeing 707 engines sure stir up a breeze!" When hail fell, I couldn't help but remember that these were ice chunks crushed small e...

    by Julie Caniglia on May 15, 1996
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    Tales of Wonder

    WOMEN WHO HAVE abortions have a higher risk of breast cancer; carrying a pregnancy to term is a good way to deal with an incestuous relationship; and "childbirth is the choice of triumph over rape." Those are among the claims in a 12-page supplemen...

    by City Pages Staff on May 15, 1996
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    Naughty But Too Nice

    Honeymoon China Theatre de la Jeune Lune IF THE THEATER critics of this town are to believed, the only thing less amusing than Theatre de la Jeune Lune's Honeymoon China might be a honeymoon in China, circa 1970. Theatergoers have been led to s...

    by Michael Tortorello on May 15, 1996
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    Beauty Tips for the Dead

    A WOMAN IN her nineties lies dead in a casket in the embalming room at Albin Chapel funeral home. She arrived yesterday in the gleaming black hearse that's now parked in a garage out back. Her family has planned an open-casket funeral, so Jim Albin...

    by Ann Bauleke on May 8, 1996
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    Bass Culture - One of the most respected players in jazz, Minnesota's Anthony Cox charts his own course.

    Have you ever left a concert feeling that your life has been changed? When Anthony Cox walked into the Guthrie Theater with his friend Phil Hey to see the jazz bassist and composer Charles Mingus perform in 1973, he was a 19-year-old budding journa...

    by Britt Robson on May 1, 1996
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    Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

    THE SECRET TO a great roller coaster goes like this: You've got the strap in. You've got the climb. Got the crest and dive. Got the hairpin curve. The velocity. The negative Gs. The bank. The binge. It's in the engineering, the design like an artis...

    by Josie Rawson on May 1, 1996
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    Dollar Bill Y'all

    Terry McMillan How Stella Got Her Groove Back Viking I MEAN NO disrespect to Terry McMillan when I call her a popularizer. The author of Waiting to Exhale produces clean, breezy prose that makes sense as it goes; her novels connect all the do...

    by Terri Sutton on May 1, 1996
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    Cracking Up

    Pellas and Mlisande Minnesota Opera Macbeth Loring Playhouse Theatre Company ODILON REDON'S FLOATING eye hangs above the night palace of the mythical kingdom of Allemonde in the Minnesota Opera's production of Debussy's Pellas and Mlisa...

    by Michael Tortorello on May 1, 1996
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