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    Loss Leader - Music-wise, this weekend's Mill City Festival looks like a winner. Business-wise, it's a $1.7 million gamble.

    "Oh, man, what have I got myself into?" It's a question every promoter asks at some point, and Danny Alexander, founder of this weekend's Mill City Music Festival, says he posed it to himself this past February. Faced with nearly $1 milli...

    by City Pages Staff on August 28, 1996
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    Mommy Can You Hear Me?

    Manny & Lo Uptown Theatre, starts Friday AS A ROAD movie, Manny & Lo is definitely neither here nor there. Its point of origin is murky, and its ending is more of a suggestion than a summation. However, like a package of snapshots almos...

    by Phil Anderson on August 21, 1996
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    Stargazers in Cyberspace - Confessions of an On-Line Fan Club Junkie

    It started with a purely pragmatic interest in finding out when the next Bruce Springsteen album and tour were going to happen. I logged onto Luckytown, an online musical mailing list, both for the concert information and out of a...

    by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen on August 21, 1996
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    House of Style

    FACED WITH WHAT she fears may be chronic obscurity, Mari Newman occasionally wraps some of her artwork in white plastic garbage bags, carefully letters a sign that says "Original Artwork For Sale," and ventures out into the city in search...

    by Brad Zellar on August 21, 1996
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    Make Mine Meat!

    McColl's Steakhouse 366 Jackson St., St. Paul; 291-8703 TO BE CHEESY, it's so easy: words immortalized in a song sung practically everyday last summer by my next door neighbor, aged 5. I thought of that song when, months ago, I opened...

    by Amanda Ferguson on August 21, 1996
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    Imperial Bedrooms

    Karal Ann Marling Graceland: Going Home With Elvis Harvard University Press ELVIS IS TOO big for this sentence. Too big for this paragraph, for this page. Elvis is too big for this paper. A national archive of Elvis located in a...

    by Michael Tortorello on August 21, 1996
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    From Canvas To Silver Screen - Julian Schnabel gives fellow artist Jean-Michel Basquiat the star treatment.

    Career crossovers can be perilous, especially if you're famous. Having listened to the painter Julian Schnabel's debut as a singer/songwriter last year, I was fully expecting that Basquiat, his first effort as a screenwriter/director, wou...

    by Julie Caniglia on August 14, 1996
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    Jon Gordon's Big Black Box

    ROUNDING THE CORNER of the squat suburban building that houses The Vault, you can't miss the security cameras. Every visitor is caught in the crosshairs of a pair of giant snoopers mounted on each corner of the building; a sticker on the ...

    by Joseph Hart on August 14, 1996
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    A Junkie Travelogue

    Richard Hell Go Now Scribner IS THAT A needle in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? Welcome to the bad old days. New York punk's reigning nihilist, Richard Hell, begins his new novel Go Now this way: "1980." A good sign rig...

    by Sara Vowell on August 14, 1996
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    Quietly Riotous

    Philadelphia, Here I Come! and She Stoops to Conquer Guthrie Theater IN ADDITION TO drowning the plants twice a week and removing the trash when the fruit flies start swarming, one of my domestic duties involves caring for a frie...

    by Michael Tortorello on August 14, 1996
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    Through the Body

    Through the Body Frederick R. Weisman Museum THROUGH THE BODY is a type of exhibition Minneapolis art institutions have ignored for years--one that ferrets out a pervasive trend in the local artistic community. The show is composed of...

    by Tim Peterson on August 14, 1996
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    Naked Chicago

    Sexual Perversity in Chicago Pillsbury House Theatre Espresso: A Story of Caffeine and Romance Theatre on the Verge "HOW'D YOU GET in?" So asks Danny in the infamous opening of David Mamet's Sexual Perversity in Chicago, while l...

    by Michael Tortorello on August 7, 1996
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    Too Beautiful For You - Can a novel be impressive, elegant, and ultimately insignificant? In the case of Max Phillips's Snakebite Sonnet, yes.

    Almost every culture has its myth of decline, of civilization's slow erosion from a golden age to one more base. Reading Max Phillips's much-praised first novel, Snakebite Sonnet (Little, Brown), I felt I was witnessing something of the kind--The Dec...

    by Ellen Levy on August 7, 1996
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    Tongue Untied - Poet Paul Beatty makes polyglot Americana with his debut novel, The White Boy Shuffle.

    Not too long ago, an editor asked me to rewrite a hip-hop record review I'd submitted to his magazine because he questioned my use of "vernacular." I didn't fight it--he was doing his job, I respect his judgment, and as a white boy writin...

    by Will Hermes on July 31, 1996
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    Hard Knocks

    Kevin Canty Into The Great Wide Open Nan A. Talese/Doubleday OH TO BE young in America: so many neuroses, so little time to enjoy them. In his debut novel, Kevin Canty gives his young hero a good year to wallow around in his. Which ...

    by Josie Rawson on July 31, 1996
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    Clicking Heels

    The Wizard of Oz Ordway Music Theatre HOW TEMPTING IT would be to claim that the Ordway's staged adaptation of The Wizard of Oz lacks a brain, a heart, and a stiff shot of courage, and then leave it at that. But alas, it...

    by Michael Tortorello on July 31, 1996
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    Book Roundup

    Elizabeth McCracken The Giant's House The Dial Press "[HE WAS] ONLY a boy whose body was a miracle to others. You could believe in God, looking at James." Peggy Cort, the narrator of Elizabeth McCracken's debut novel, The Giant's Ho...

    by City Pages Staff on July 24, 1996
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    Smack in Your Face - Trainspotting's ode to junk culture.

    Trainspotting is a thoroughly shitty movie, which isn't to say it's a bad one. Rather, the film is literally strewn with shit: painted in it, preoccupied with it, in awe of it. Shit, or the threat of it, is never far from the frame and fu...

    by Rob Nelson on July 24, 1996
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    Black Humor and Gray Matter

    Jake Lamar The Last Integrationist Crown Ralph Wiley Dark Witness: When Black People Should be Sacrificed (Again) One World/Ballantine AS DECADENCE DEVOLVES into mass delusion, black humor becomes one of our most valuable cul...

    by Britt Robson on July 24, 1996
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    Sweetheart of the RodeoPerformance artist - Ann Carlson learns the ropes in RODEMEOVER

    JULY IS A MOMENTOUS month for Minneapolis-based artist Siah Armajani, who's unveiling two public works in two very different settings. On July 19, all eyes turn to Atlanta for the opening ceremonies of the Centennial Olympic Games, and to...

    by Caroline Palmer on July 17, 1996
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